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The ten string guitar project

Original song compositions

Analog recording on Long Playing vynil media

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The Ten String Guitar Project

Original song compositions

A brand-new collection of songs specifically created to take full advantage from the wide tonal colors provided by this instruments is coming soon on vynil and CD media.

Analog recording on vynil media

The whole recording process has been done using a mix of analog modern ad vintage technologies to catch the best sound directly from the wood and release it as much as possible in all its brightness and presence.

Video tutorial

A set of clear video tutorials dedicated to those who already plays the "normal" six string guitar will be released to show how to use the extra strings to improve your next performances.

Music scores

The music scores of Leonardo Gallucci's original songs will be released in PDF format

On-line learning system

The several years long teaching experience made by Leonardo Gallucci will improve the learning method based on video tutorials, clear music scores and articles.

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Video tutorials

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Original songs for ten string guitar


Music scores